What are Guaranteed Staterooms?

Cruise Ship Stateroom

Cruise Ship Stateroom

My cruise stateroom is a guaranteed stateroom.  What does that mean? Most of the time, when you book a cruise, you are able to select your stateroom.  You can decide if you want to be in the front, middle, or back, or if you want to be high up on the ship, or lower.  Using tools like the ship deck plans (and recommendations from your trusted travel adviser!) you find the right location for you.

Often, cruise lines will offer a lower rate if you agree to accept a guaranteed stateroom.  This means you are guaranteed that category of stateroom, or better.  For example, balcony staterooms can have 4 or more different categories – each category features a different location on the ship, with the most popular categories being the most expensive.  If you book a guaranteed balcony stateroom in the lowest available category, the cruise line guarantees you will receive a balcony stateroom in that category OR one in a higher category.  You lose the ability to pick your stateroom, and you can be placed anywhere the cruise line has space for you.  You will not find out your actual stateroom assignment until close in to sailing; many times, when your documents are ready, but sometimes you won’t find out until sailing day when you arrive to check in for your cruise.

Booking a guarantee stateroom can go either way for you – you can luck out and get an awesome stateroom location for a lower price, or you could get the stateroom that no one else wants!  But, sometimes, the cost savings is worth it.

Cruise Stateroom photo: ckramer/Flickr Creative Commons